Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Hello !!!

Today a super easy button art tutorial 

Project Budget: 5-10 $
Difficult : EASY

What you need
Glue (universal instant adhesive)
Buttons or assorted stones
Permanent markers ( black, gold and silver)
Paint (optional)

How do you it

1) If you want to have a colored background, paint the canvas using chosen color and let it dry thoroughly. (I would recommend light colors )

2) Draw with a pencil one swirl tree such as those below. If you can’t draw it by hand, you can print an image and use it as a model.

3) Now draw tree with permanent marker and decorate the branches and edges with gold and silver markers

4) Arrange the buttons on the canvas and when you are sure of layout,  glue them to the canvas

Congratulations of your buttons art project

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